Monday, October 14, 2013

Need a Magnifying Glass? Me, Too.

Whoa, those images were TINY! Luckily I included those links to hook you up with the real treasuries, but how about a few you can actually see?

"Everybody's Doing It"

This one I created the first week everyone on Etsy got really into spooky treasuries. Halloween or All-Hallows-Eve is a festivity celebrated in many parts of the globe, so international sellers came together to get really creative for the occasion. I love Halloween, so why not?

(I also made a Harry Potter-themed treasury, which you can see here.)

"It's Geometric"

"It's Geometric" was a play on "It's Electric," which I'm not sure anyone got, but I thought it was pretty funny.

And in case you wanted a better look at those last few...

"En La Cucina"

"Breakfast in Bed"

"Gearing Up for Winter"

Look forward to more again soon! Happy exploring. :-)


Tids and Bits

All right. Flog me. I haven't been on in months.

Good news, though. I'm on now!

I'm in the midst of a product photography crash course, which will helpfully lead to a wonderful new look for my store sometime before the end of the winter season. I am not foreseeing a huge holiday rollout, as I had hoped for earlier this year; but one can only take on so much at a single time, and I accept this.

But here's something fun! A couple times a week, I put together a treasury on Etsy, just to keep apprised of what the other businesses are doing, what is in fashion, how items work stylistically with each other from shop to shop--it keeps my creative juices flowing, especially when I'm feeling drained of ideas for my own shop.

Here are a few of my favorites from this year, complete with links, in case you feel inspired to do a little shopping yourself!

"En La Cucina"

This one was inspired from the pie box in the top left corner. What a simple concept, and yet such an enticing idea! The red embellishments for the photograph helped me pull from other shops for a vintage-kitchen feel.

"Breakfast in Bed"

I started this one after seeing the pillowcase displayed in the top right. What a clever concept! The rest of the treasury was birthed from the notion of sleeping in and enjoying the morning--complete with French-press coffee, or, if you prefer, tea!

"Gearing Up for Winter"

No time of year is a bad time of year for a little dose of the Christmas spirit! This collection came to me in bits and pieces. It practically created itself.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ready for an Adventure?

Good morning! Is it July already? Whew, this year is going by fast.

All right, so, as promised, the next collection in the "I Love You Mail" series has been created!

Take a look-see at "A for 'Adventure'":

Pretty snazzy? Yes? No? I think so! It's a great collection because although it's clearly designed for the traveler, it's still versatile. The weekend-tripper can use the cards just as well as the student who is traveling abroad, and the student who is traveling abroad can use them just as well as the couple estranged by distance. There is nothing place- or time-specific about these cards. You can use them one at a time, or all on one trip!

I don't have any pictures of the cases yet, because the stamp I need for the case is still in production. You can still order the collection now, but the case will have a temporary design until the permanent stamp comes in.

What do you think? What would you change? Would love to hear your feedback! Drop a comment or send a message to the Etsy shop.

Happy traveling!

Monday, June 24, 2013

More Flashcards - Surprise, Announcement, and Thanks

Hard at work creating!

It’s been a while since our last post, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t all abuzz with inspiration and all a-sweat with perspiration. (Seriously, what is with this heat?) Here are some of the new items at Wanita’s Closet:

Birth announcement! This is actually an improved design of one of our original concepts. The new cards are slightly richer in color, and of course they match the rest of our cards in that they are the smaller, 3.5 X 5” size.

 Thank you! It’s currently listed as a single item, but soon we will have a listing for a set of 10.


Surprise invitation! Who hasn’t seen a surprise or two blown in their lifetime? This uniform set of invitations is probably the clearest-cut surprise invitation out there. It’s in bold—“Sh!”

Very excited to report that because the stamps for the “H – as in, ‘hi’” packaging turnout oh-so-well, Wanita’s Closet is once again using GreenGardenStamps to create the custom logos for “XO – hugs and kisses” collection and “A – for ‘adventure’” collection. As soon as we have those stamps in our hands, we will be ready to launch the next two collections in “I Love You Mail”!

Have an idea for our shop? We’d love to hear it! Leave your idea in the comments below, or shoot us a message. And have a wacky day!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Back in the Game!


It turns out it takes a little longer to shut down a shop, pull together a new product, and launch it.

However, I think it was worth the wait!

Check out these pics from the latest endeavor of Wacky Wanita's. I'm calling the series, in which there will be four collections, "I Love You Mail." These are photos from the "H as in 'Hi'" collection. :-)


You know you want a set. ;-) "H as in 'Hi'" includes ten cards, all different, but all the same general idea--"Love you, thinking about you--just wanted to say 'hi!'" You can see all the deets at the collection's brand-spanking new listing.

Can't wait to show you "A for 'Adventure'!"

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Greetings, all!

All right, confession time. This is Wanita, and yes... I forgot the password to this account.

But now it has been recovered, and I have more to tell than ever!

Things are changing around Wacky Wanita's YOUnique Boutique. For one, we might not be going by such a long name anymore; in the very near future, we might be adopting something a little more snappy. But you should still be able to find us at this blog URL! So fret not. We're just going to shorten things up a bit, get easier to remember.

Second, our beautiful button earrings are about to be a thing of the past. Wacky Wanita artist Deborah is moving on... to build her own store, Messy Inspired Designs! The shop will focus mainly on these darling dangling accessories, but there will be a few other special items, too, so run a search on "messy inspired designs" on Etsy and check it out!

(In the meantime, you can still get button earrings at a discounted rate at WWYB... Just use coupon code BUTTON20 at checkout to receive 20% off!)

Third, WWYB is going on vacation from 5/20 through 5/27. After a year on Etsy, I, Wanita, have learned much about what WWYB customers like and don't like, as well as what works for a small business on Etsy and what doesn't. Using this information, I am going to give the shop an overhaul. Update photography, clear out unneeded products, and... drumroll, please... prepare all-new products for their launch in June! But it's going to require focused time and effort, so the shop's doors will be closed for a few days so that I can give the changes my full attention.

I have much more to say, but I think a wiser business person would tell me to wait until I can show and tell, so I am going to sign off here. While you wait for WWYB to return, check out some of these sites that featured Wacky Wanita products in the last year:

Etsy Stalker

My Etsy Blog

The Find

See you soon!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Bags boost sales! (Or, at least, interest in my shop.)

Happy Monday!

I am pleased to report that two bags have been added to Wacky Wanita's YOUnique Boutique! And, as was the case last time purses made it into the shop, interest in the shop increased drastically in just 24 hours. Women like bags, I guess! Whodathunkit?

The first bag, my personal favorite, is this enormous handbag that I'm calling the Grace Kelly clutch. Now, it's a little bigger than your average clutch (fifteen inches long!), but it has no strap and is intended as a statement piece. I chose the name Grace Kelly because I think of Grace Kelly as being a woman of class who, like Audrey, is always "in," but is perhaps a little edgier than other actresses who have stood the test of time. I feel that this purse is a little vintage-y because of its size and material (wool), but it transcends the trends of an era and is very prominent. Like Grace Kelly.

The bag is one of a kind. As the listing explains, the material was limited, so although the pattern can be repeated, this exact model of the Grace Kelly clutch cannot be repeated, so whichever lucky lady ends up with this one can be the envy of all her friends.

The other bag, also a clutch, and also by the the artist of the first two Wacky Wanita purses, Heidi, is almost too small to call a clutch, so it will come up in Etsy searches as a wallet, as well. Its cream-and-off-white pattern make it perfect for a bridal affair, and we have enough material left to make a few matching pieces, if a customer wanted to give a set of them to her wedding party. Even more exciting? A larger version--with its own unique button design--is going to be released shortly, as well.

Still working on the greeting card set "'H' as in 'Hi.'" That will probably be the next thing to appear at WackyWanitaDesigns. It's very exciting. Can't wait to show it to you!

Thank you for stopping by!

Until next time,